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A selection of the following reptiles appear in the Crocodiles and Dragons show.  All are available for hire for photographic projects, advertising, and film productions.





Crocodiles, Frogs & Turtles - This motley crew all love the water, but whilst crocodiles and turtles are reptiles, a frog is actually an amphibian. Crocodiles are believed to have changed little since the time of the dinosaurs.  They first appeared about 200 million years ago!  Turtles are reptiles with a bony or leathery shell, including land tortoises and terrapins. They too are an ancient life form but they have changed over time – whereas they once had teeth, they are now toothless and the early turtles weren’t able to pull their head into their shells like their modern counterparts.  A cute green tree frog represents the amphibians in Furry’s collection.  Furry has two species of crocodile, three species of turtle and one frog species in his reptile collection.





Dragons & Monitors - Monitors, or goannas as they are commonly known have long necks, powerful tails and claws, and well-developed limbs. Monitors feed on insects, birds, reptiles and their eggs, small mammals, and carrion. Dragons including bearded dragons, have distinctive rough sandpaper-like skin and protective spikes!  Furry has 10 species of monitors and dragons in his reptile collection.






Skinks - Skinks are smooth lizards with shiny overlapping scales, small legs and no pronounced neck. So they are often confused with snakes.  The Blue Tongue Lizard is probably Australia’s best known skink.  Most skinks have a long, tapering tail that can be regenerated if they happen to loose it to a predator! Furry has 10 species of skink in his reptile collection.





Pythons - These non-venemous snakes kill prey by constriction. Pythons are known for their size and their often striking coloration.  They feed on rodents, birds, bats and have even been known to prey on kangaroos.  The carpet snake is the python most commonly found in Australia’s urban areas and can be identified by its distinctive variegated pattern.  If you come across one, don’t touch it.  The best action is to stand still.  Furry has 10 species of python in his reptile collection.




Venomous Snakes - Australia has more venomous snakes than any other country in the world.  Most are generally defensive by nature, not aggressive.  Furry knows how to handle venomous snakes safely, but remember – if you see a snake in the wild, don’t touch it, just stand still.  Furry has 14 species of venomous snakes in his reptile collection.


Furry’s reptiles are great actors.  Contact us to hire them for your next film production.

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Crocodiles, Frogs, & Turtles
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Furry’s reptiles are great actors. Contact us to hire them for your next film production.

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